Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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This is the class blog for CMU's Spring 2010 graduate CS course 15-859U, "Theoretical Computer Science's Greatest Hits, 2009". 

This is a seminar course. The instructor is Ryan O'Donnell.  The course homepage is http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~odonnell/hits09/, but that page will be mostly static.  Please read this blog regularly, or add it to your RSS feed.  

We will use MathML in these posts; if it is working correctly for you, the following statements should look basically the same:

A set system L is "laminar" if for all A, BL, either AB = Ø, AB, or BA.

A set system $L$ is "laminar" if for all $A$, $B$ $\in$ $L$, either $A \cap B = \emptyset$, $A \subseteq B$, or $B \subseteq A$.

To get this to work, on IE I believe you download an ActiveX control here:

If you use Firefox, try going here:

For Chrome and Safari, I'm not sure; if someone wants to comment on whether or not it works for them, please do.

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  1. MathML is fine, but I would recommend the excellent jsMath used at mathoverflow, among other sites.